How I Saved a Turkey

I had always loved animals, especially birds. I enjoyed watching them fly and sing, and I admired their beauty and grace. I had a dream of becoming a veterinarian someday and helping animals in need.

One day, when I was 12 years old, I was walking home from school when I saw a wild turkey lying on the side of the road. He looked injured and scared, and I felt sorry for him. I decided to help him, even though I knew that wild turkeys could be dangerous.

I approached him slowly and gently, trying to calm him down. He was bleeding from his wing, and he appeared had a broken leg. He must have been hit by a car or attacked by a predator. He tried to get away from me, but he was too weak to move.

I took off my jacket and wrapped it around him, then I lifted him up and carried him to my house. My parents were surprised to see me with a wild turkey, but they agreed to let me keep him until he recovered.

I named him Tom, and I nursed him back to health. I cleaned his wounds, gave him food and water, and made him a comfortable bed in the garage. I also gave him lots of love and attention. He was shy and wary at first, but he soon warmed up to me.

As he recovered, he became my best friend. He would follow me around the house and garden, and sometimes he would even sneak into my room at night. He would make funny noises and gestures to communicate with me, and he would let me pet him and hug him.

He was a smart and loyal bird. He learned to recognize my voice and my name, and he would come running when I called him. He also learned some tricks, like how to play fetch or how to shake his tail feathers on command.

He was also very protective of me. He would chase away any animals that came near me. He was like my little guardian angel.

We had so much fun together, and we shared many adventures. We went on walks in the park, we played in the snow, we watched movies on the couch. He was always there for me, no matter what.

He helped me also through some tough times in my life. He comforted me when I was sad or lonely, he cheered me up when I was stressed or angry, he supported me when I was scared or nervous.

He also inspired me to pursue my dream of becoming a veterinarian. He showed me how rewarding it was to help animals in need, and how much they appreciated it. He made me realize that animals have feelings and personalities just like humans do.

He stayed with me for six years, until he passed away peacefully one night. I was heartbroken when I lost him, but I knew that he had lived a good life with me. I buried him in the backyard under his favorite tree, and I planted some flowers on his grave.

I still miss him every day, but I know that he is always with me in spirit. He watches over me from above, and he guides me through life’s challenges.

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