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GenotypeVarietyPhenotype Adults
bb ee (e-)Auburn
Barred Black
Bb ee (e-)
Bb’ ee (e-)
Barred Chocolate
Bb Rr slsl
Bb’ Rr slsl
Barred Rusty Recessive Slate
Bb nn (n-)
Bb’ nn (n-)
Barred Silver-Tipped Black
Bb Dd
Bb’ Dd
Barred Slate
b’b’Black Winged Bronze
b’b’ pnpnBlack Winged Bronze Pencilled
b’b’ PnpnBlack Winged Bronze Semi-Pencilled
b’b’ nn (n-) Black Winged Narragansett
b’b’ nn (n-) Pnpn Black Winged Narragansett Semi-Pencilled
b’b’ cgcg Dd nn (n-) Rr Blue Calico
b’b’ Ccg Dd Blue Cornish Palm
b’b’ cgcg Dd Rr pnpnBlue Fall Fire Pencilled
b’b’ cgcg Dd Rr PnpnBlue Fall Fire Semi-Pencilled
bb Dd nn (n-) Blue Narragansett
b’b’ cgcg Dd nn (n-)Blue Palm
b’b’ cgcg Dd nn (n-) pnpnBlue Palm Pencilled
bb Dd Rr Blue Red Bronze
b’b’ Ccg Dd Rr Blue Red Phoenix
b’b’ cgcg Dd rr Blue Red Sweetgrass
b’b’ cgcg Dd Blue Sweetgrass
b’b’ cgcg Dd pnpnBlue Sweetgrass Pencilled
b’b’ DDBlue-Winged Lilac
b’b’ Dd nn (n-)Blue-Winged Narragansett
b’b’ Ccg Dd nn (n-)Blue-Winged Narragansett Semi-Gray
b’b’ Dd Blue-Winged Red Slate
bb nn (n-) rr Bourbon Buff
bb rr Bourbon Red
bb Bronze
b’b’ nn (n-) Rr ee (e-) Brown-Winged Golden Silver Auburn
b’b’ nn (n-) ee (e-) Brown-Winged Silver Auburn
b’b’ nn (n-) ee (e-) Brown-Winged Narragansett
b’b’ cgcg nn (n-) Rr Calico
BB ee (e-) Chocolate
b’b’ cgcg nn (n-) ee (e-) Chocolate Palm
b’b’ cgcg ee (e-) Chocolate Sweetgrass
b’b’ Ccg Cornish Palm
b’b’ Ccg PnpnCornish Palm (semi-pencilled)
bb cgcg Dd nn (n-) Dark Blue
bb cgcg nn (n-) Dark Gray
bb cgcg nn (n-) rr Dark Red
bb DD nn (n-) Rr Dilute Lilac Semi-Red
BB cgcg nn (n-) Rr
Bb cgcg nn (n-) Rr
Dilute Rusty Black
BB cgcg Dd nn (n-) Rr
Bb cgcg Dd nn (n-) Rr
Dilute Rusty Slate
b’b’ cgcg Rr Fall Fire
b’b’ cgcg Rr pnpnFall Fire Pencilled
bb cgcg nn (n-) Rr Frosted Dark Gray
bb cgc nn (n-) Rr Frosted Oregon Gray
bb nn (n-) Rr Golden Narragansett
bb’ nn (n-) Rr Golden Narragansett (split b’)
bb nn (n-) Rr DdGolden Narragansett Slate
bb rr **Harvey Speckled
BB rr Jersey Buff
Bb rr
Bb’ rr
Jersey Buff (split base color)
BB rr DdJersey Buff Slate
BB DD Lavender
bb rr DDLavender Edged Bourbon Red
b’b’ cgcg DD Rr pnpnLavender Fall Fire Pencilled
bb DD RrLavender Red Bronze
b’b’ Ccg DD RrLavender Red Phoenix
b’b’ cgcg DD RrLavender Red Sweetgrass
b’b’ cgcg DD pnpnLavender Sweetgrass Pencilled
b’b’ nn (n-) rr Light Buff
b’b’ Ccg rr Light Red
b’b’ Ccg rr pnpnLight Red Pencilled
bb DD Lilac
BB cgcg nn (n-) Marbled Black
BB cgcg Dd nn (n-) Marbled Slate
Bb’ cgcg nn (n-) Mottled Black
Bb’ cgcg nn (n-) ee (e-) Mottled Chocolate
Bb’ cgc nn (n-) ee (e-) Mottled Chocolate Dapple
Bb’ cgc nn (n-)Mottled Silver Dapple
Bb’ cgcg DD nn (n-) Mottled Lavender
Bb’ cgcg nn (n-) Rr Mottled Rusty Black
Bb’ cgcg nn (n-) RrMottled Rusty Slate
Bb’ cgcg Dd nn (n-) Mottled Slate
bb nn (n-) Narragansett
bb cgc Dd nn (n-) Oregon Blue
bb cgc nn (n-) Oregon Gray
b’b’ cgcg nn (n-) pnpn Pencilled Palm
b’b’ cgc nn (n-) pnpn Pencilled Palm Semi-White
b’b’ cgcg slsl Recessive Blue Sweetgrass
bb slsl Recessive Slate
bb rr slsl Recessive Lilac
bb Rr Red Bronze
BB rr slslRed Lilac
b’b’ cgcg nn (n-) rr Red Palm
b’b’ cgcg nn (n-) rr pnpnRed Palm Pencilled
b’b’ Ccg Rr pnpn Red Phoenix Pencilled
b’b’ Ccg Rr Pnpn Red Phoenix Semi-Pencilled
bb Dd Red Slate
b’b’ cgcg rr Red Sweetgrass
b’b’ rr Regal Red
b’b’ cgcg nn (n-) Royal Palm
b’b’ cgc nn (n-) Royal Palm Semi-White
Bb Rr
Rusty Black
BB ee (e-) Rr
Bb ee (e-) Rr
Rusty Brown
BB cgc nn (n-) Rr
Bb cgc nn (n-) Rr
Rusty Dapple
Bb DD Rr
Rusty Lavender
BB Dd Rr
Bb Dd Rr
Rusty Slate
b’b’ nn (n-) rr ee (e-) Self Buff
bb nn (n-) ee (e-) Silver Auburn
BB cgc nn (n-)
Bb cgc nn (n-)
Silver Dapple
BB nn (n-) Silver Tipped Black
BB nn (n-) DdSilver Tipped Slate
BB Dd Slate
bb spspSpotted
b’b’ cgcg Sweetgrass
b’b’ cgcg pnpnSweetgrass Pencilled
b’b’ Ccg pnpn Tiger Bronze
Bb’ Ccg nn (n-)Tri Color Mottled Black
Bb’ cgcgTri-Color Mottled Black
Bb’ cgcg RrTri-Color Mottled Rusty Black
Bb’ cgcg Rr DdTri-Color Mottled Rusty Slate
Bb’ cgcg Dd Tri-Color Mottled Slate
b’b’ cgcg nn (n-) Rr pnpn Tri-Color Pencilled Palm
b’b’ cgcg Dd nn (n-) Rr pnpn Tri-Color Pencilled Blue Palm
bb cc
b’b’ cc
BB cc
*Not fully known yet.

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